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Scenic Heritage Tour


Upon arrival at the Airport you will meet Vishwa Lanka Representative welcome you warmly.

Day-01 Negombo

You will meet Vishwa Lanka Tours Representative on Arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport and transfer to the hotel. Spend the night in your free time or visit the local market

Day-02 Pinnawala - Habarana

Today, you will continue the cultural center of Sri Lanka Habarana (175 km / approximately 4 hours). On the way, go to the pinnavela house. The initiative of the Sri Lankan government to protect the security of one of its national assets. Pinnawala's elephant orphanage operates for 30 years, raises orphans, cares for the weak and rehabilitates the wounded. Today, protected from 60 elephants, hundreds of people watch their antics during the shower! It is good to see them play in the water and witness the unique characteristics of each of the gentle giants of Sri Lanka! The ideal time to see them is from 1,000 to 1,200 and from 1,400 to 1,600. After the evidence of the elephant feeding and bathing, you will continue the hotel in habarana. Upon arrival, register at the hotel and spend the rest of the day in your free time. Overnight: Habarana

Day-03 Polonnaruwa

This morning, you will leave the hotel after breakfast and go to Polonnaruwa which takes 40 around minutes. According to the former Kingdom of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa was declared the capital of King Vidzhayabahu I, who defeated the invaders of Chola in 1070 AD to reunite the country under the leadership of a regional chief. The city is known as the climax of the golden age of Sri Lanka, under the rule of Parakramabahu, the rule, whose goal, that not a drop of water falls from the sky, is not lost, leading to the development of systems of irrigation that still use the current system. The largest of these systems: Parakrama Samudra (Parakrama Sea): a large reservoir that is often confused with oceans. It surrounds the main city like ribbons, acting as a limit of defense with the rapists and the lifestyles of the people in times of peace. You can stay leisurely rest of the day. Overnight: Habarana

Day-04 Sigiriya - Minneria

This morning, you will visit Lion Rock, one of the seven World Heritage sites on the island. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an impressive stone fortress, and this is one of the main attractions of Sri Lanka. The most impressive aspects of this unique complex are the water parks, the beautiful female mural paintings, the walls with old mirrors, the lion's platform and a peak of 1.6 hectares, completely covered with buildings during the triumph. of Sigiriya. Built by King Kashyapa (477-495 AD), "The Lion's Rock" is an incredibly beautiful fortress that rises 200 m from the forest. The rock is the deepest fortress of a fortified city of 70 hectares, and the base is surrounded by moons, gardens and extensive gardens. Fresco is famous all over the world (originally 500, there are only 19 left), which is found in a stone pocket protected against the spiral staircase, painted with earth pigment in the plaster. The staircase that leads to the upper part passes through the mouth of a squat lion, but today there is only one large foot that shows a large proportion of head. The remains of the Royal Castle are beautifully situated at the top, and many caves for meditation, common platforms and restrooms complement the unique site. Then you will spend 20 minutes walking through the Sigiriya area of the town. You will return to the hotel for the lunch. Later in the day, you will visit the Minneria National Park * which takes around 20 minutes. This park is Located between Habarana and Polonnaruwa, 8,890 hectares of the National Park of Minneria are formed by green forests and mixed shrubs and home to predators such as sambaras, leopards and elephants. However, the main feature of the park is the old Minneri reservoir (built in the third century AD by King Mahasena). During the dry season (June to September), this body of water is a great place to watch elephants swim and feed, as well as large flocks of birds (cormorants and storks, painted, to name a few), that come to fish in the shallow water. * Depending on the movement of the elephants, you will visit Minneria or the Kaudulla National Park. Overnight: Habarana

Day-05 Dambulla-Kandy

This morning you will leave Habarana and you will head to Kandy (105 km / around 3-3.5 hours). On the way, you will visit the Dambulla cave temple. Dambulla, located in the north central province, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since the 1st century BC and is an unusual complex of 5 caves used as sanctuary by an ancient king who, when winning his throne, ordered beautiful images carved in living stones. Later, the kings brought other improvements, and in the caves containing more than 150 Buddha images, the largest was a colossal figure that stretched 15 meters. There are inscriptions in the cave, dating from the 2nd century BC, and many paintings on the walls, many of which are related to the Kandy period (early 19th century). This temple is an ideal place to study the evolution of the ancient art of Sri Lanka and is an important historical site due to the incorporation of materials from many eras. Matale Spice Gardens - Give the feeling and pleasure to homeopathic treatment in the east! Arrival in the famous city of Kandy (Nuwara). The last kingdom of Sri Lanka, Kandy has a special place in every heart of Sri Lanka, because it is a Temple of the Teeth, a sacred tooth of the Lord Buddha. At night you will find a cultural dance of Sri Lanka, and then visit the famous dental temple, Commonly called "Sri Dalada Maligawa", located in the hill town of Kandy. This is an important refuge for Buddhists to keep Buddhist teeth. He is famous for his sculpture and work of art, unique in Sri Lanka. The most important part of Dalada Maligawa is the octagonal (Pathirppuwa). Sri Dalada Maligawa is the most sacred temple in Sri Lanka. Thousands of people lined up every day to witness his majesty. Overnight: Kandy

Day-06 Kandy

Today, you walk around the city of Kandy, the last capital of the Sinhalese kingdom, which includes the opportunity to buy local handicrafts in the bazaar. Later, enjoy pleasant walks through the orchids and the Royal Royal Botanical Gardens with palm trees. Located at an altitude of 460 m above sea level near Kandy and surrounded on three sides by the Mahaweli River, the Botanical Garden "Peradeniya" was established in 1824. One of the best and most valuable plants and trees in the collection in the world. (more than 4,000 species, indoor and outdoor). Giant trees of the "Ficus" family, some bamboo trees and palm trees in the world, rare Ayurvedic plants, house of orchids, garden herbs, timber trees such as ebony, teak, lemon, mahogany, Tamarind and take and so on. D. They can be seen here. Most of the honored guests who visited Sri Lanka, such as Queen Elizabeth, Marshal Tito, Chancellor Henry Kiesinger and Yuri Gagarin, planted unforgettable trees in the park. Overnight: Kandy

Day-07 Nuwara Eliya

Today you will leave the hotel after breakfast and continue in the quiet town of Nuwara Eliya which takes around 03 hours. During the trip, you will stop at a tea factory and a tea plantation and you will find the tea preparation process. The first resort in Sri Lanka with mountain climate Nuwara Eliya is also located in the heart of the tea country of Sri Lanka, which produces some of the best teas in the world. The slopes and valleys of the mountains are velvety green tea plantations, which alternate with rapid streams and waterfalls. A plantation bungalow with a red or green color, and the English country house hotels with a lovely flower garden, 18-hole golf course are beautiful and the race track gave Nuwara Elia real British character. You have the opportunity to stop and take a walk, and see old English churches, golf courses, racetracks, fruit and vegetable markets and Lake Gregory. Overnight: Nuwara Eliya

Day-8 Departure

Vishwa Lanka Tours representative will drop you off at the Airport Safely.

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